7 Ways On How To Detox Your Body Naturally At Home

Keeping your body healthy require it to be detoxified and get rid of the harmful toxins that get stored in the body over a period. Toxins from the junk foods, environment, air pollution, and the pesticides, herbicides that we consume through different sources, make our body functions impaired. If you feel fatigue, tired, stressed or sluggish then may be what you need is to detoxify your body. While loading up toxins in the body is easy but flushing out toxins from your body naturally at home is even easier. All you need to do is make a little change to your life and you will be good to go. All your symptoms of feeling low will be erased and you will feel fresh and motivated.

Detoxification usually means cleansing of the blood and removing toxins through different parts of the body. The detox program helps the body to cleanse naturally by making the liver flush out the toxins, eliminate the toxins from kidney, intestines and skin, promoting blood circulation and storing healthy nutrients.

Ways to Detoxify Naturally

Detoxification can be done in many ways, doing it naturally is best when it comes to healing the body. Moreover, it won’t cost you any more than your regular expenses. Below are some proven ways to detoxify naturally at home.

1) Start The Day With Water

When you wake up in the morning, a good way to detox from harmful toxins is to consume water on empty stomach. It will help in flushing the toxins out and alkalizing the body. You can also add lemon or apple cider vinegar to your water to further clean it against the toxins. Consuming more and more water throughout the day is also very beneficial in naturally cleaning the body. Your body functions will become better including your skin. Your skin and body will glow due to high consumption of water.

2) Limit The Toxin Consumption

In order to get detoxified, you need to eat and drink as fewer toxins as you can. Try to limit the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, fats and sugar all of which contributes to the addition of toxins to your body. Moreover, most of the products that we use, like household cleaners, shampoos, deodorants and other products have chemicals in it which leads to toxin buildup in our bodies. Substituting chemical based products with natural and organic products can help the body get detoxified naturally.

3) Herbal Teas

Drinking a lot of herbal teas is extremely beneficial in detoxifying the body. Herbal teas are not only antioxidants but also keep the body hydrated while providing it all the essential nutrients it needs. It will also protect you against drinking alcohol or coffee and make you consume the right thing. The caffeine in these teas is not like caffeine in coffee, it is gentler on our systems plus it also helps the body in getting detoxified.

4) Detoxifying Baths

Detoxifying baths are also one of the coolest things to do in order to flush the toxins out naturally. A simple at-home spa day with Epsom salt can also be very helpful in detoxifying the body, moreover, a clay bath is therapeutic and assists in eliminating the toxins from the body. Detoxifying baths help the body to eliminate toxins from its largest organ that is the skin, and stimulate the lymphatic system and results in cleansing the body.

5) Breathe

One of the simplest and easy methods to perform detoxification is to breathe. The lungs are the largest detoxification organs, by inhalation oxygen as nutrients are consumed in our body and with exhalation carbon dioxide is expelled as waste. By doing some simple breathing exercises and simply breathing deeply for 5 to 10 minutes during the day can help the body with a number of benefits.

Stress is also one of the factors that contribute to the toxin stores in our body. By breathing deeply in a quiet place or doing meditation help in relaxing the body, get it stress-free and aids in the detoxification process.

6) Get Moving

Along with breathing exercises, physical exercise, working out and moving the body is really important. It improves the blood circulation, increases the nutrient flow and helps in decreasing the toxic load from the body. Little at home exercises or even walking for 20 minutes helps in the detoxification. The toxins are released from the body in the form of sweat, so sweating is a key part of doing the moving. Moreover, a sauna is also very useful in sweating out the toxins from the body’s primary organ of toxic elimination that is the skin. Start the sauna with moderate temperature and increase it with time, be sure to drink a lot of water before and after working out or having a sauna to prevent dehydration and mobilize toxins.

7) Exfoliation And Massages

Exfoliating the body has many benefits including as having body massages with the right essential oils. Castor oil pack is one of the great ways to eliminate toxins, it is anti-inflammatory that when applied to skin promotes the blood circulation, detoxification and healing of organs. It should be done 5 to 7 times a week to get the maximum benefits, it also helps in stimulating the lymphatic system.

Other than that, exfoliation the body through scrubs or dry skin brushing is also wonderful for the body. It increases the blood circulation, eliminate dry damaged skin cells and promote the rejuvenation of new skin cells. The toxic buildup is efficiently removed in this way, including as the bacteria living on the skin. This technique has been used for ages to improve skin hygiene.

More Tips

Apart from these options, eliminating toxin foods and consumption of organic fruits and vegetables to the diet is also extremely vital for the body to detoxify in the best possible way. Detoxification enhances the overall functioning of the body and makes a person happy and stress-free.

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  1. Michael,
    This article is so helpful. I know what toxins can do to harm our bodies but did not know how to do a natural home cleanse. Thank You bunches. I will be following your tips to become healthier.

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