How To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy

There Is No Excuse

Your health is just as important to you as to your career/job. Being healthy can determine how your lifespan, relationships, performance, memory, judgment, and overall well-being will be in the future.

What dictates your current health and fitness condition? Are you doomed to genetics? Held back by a medical condition? Young or old age? So skinny or so fat? Too weak? Do you have those excuses for being in your current state?

Let me tell you this. Yes, those things to hold you back, for now, that is. But NO, those things should not be an excuse for you to stay that way! If you wanted to be healthy and stay healthy from years down your road in life, then know that it is a journey like life itself. Here are the basic things you need to know if you want to pursue health and fitness.


Find A Reason, Set Your Mission, Start Now!

Very easy, very simple. There is always a reason behind everything to happen. What is your reason to want to get healthy and stay healthy?

A perfectly healthy human (inside and out) that can stay perfectly healthy should have no reason to want to be healthier. An immortal god should have no reason to want to live longer. A super-being that is the strongest being in all that existed should have no reason to want to be stronger.

There was no such thing as a perfect human that existed on the earth. We are all imperfect with all sorts of strengths and weaknesses. If we are all perfect, there is no reason for us to change.

There must be a reason for wanting to improve your health/fitness. Do you have a health condition to fix? Do you want to live longer? Are you always feeling tired? Are sick of being overweight/underweight? Do you have trouble lifting something heavy? Find a reason to be healthier. Once you have found your reason, set your mission for that reason. Start your mission now.


Hydration Is Top Priority!

Water is key to life and no life on the earth can exist without water, let alone survive without water. Our entire body (skin, bones, muscle, organs, etc.) is made of cells and they are dependent on water to stay alive and perform tasks for the body. Without water, the cells die and therefore, you will die!

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Doesn’t matter what kind of health/fitness issue you have, hydrating your body is the basis of health and fitness. Your skin complexion, energy, weight, fluid balance, kidney function, muscle, pain tolerance, immune system, brain power, and bowel function will get better with drinking a lot of water.

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Everybody is different and how much water they need to stay hydrated is different. How to tell if you are hydrated enough? Look at the color of your urine, a clear no color urine is an obvious sign that you are well hydrated to what your body needed.


Watch What You Put In Your Mouth!

That saying “You are what you eat” never gets old. Your conditions, health problems, and well-being can be the result of your diet.

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Your beer-belly is the result of consuming so much alcohol. Issues involving diabetes is the result of raising your blood sugar was too high. The high cholesterol is the result of a high saturated fat diet. Maybe most if not all the foods in your diet are acidic which in turn lead to your other problems.

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There are some foods to stay away from, to limit, to eat in moderation, and to certainly eat. However, it all depends on your goal. Eat a well-balanced diet that appropriates to your goal (fixing a condition, build muscle, improve cardio, lose fat, etc).

Get On Your Feet And Start Moving!

Laying and sitting on a couch is not going to help you improve. You can have a healthy diet but being a couch-potato will not improve your condition. You cannot just wish for your condition to improve, you have to work for your condition to improve.

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Your body will not become stronger without lifting, your cardio will not improve without running long distances, your intelligence will not improve without studying/learning, your speed will not improve without sprinting, doing nothing means nothing will change. Becoming healthy is earned, not given.

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Get Some Sleep.

Your body cannot be moving forever and neither does a machine. A machine needs to stop working for a while to get repaired by a mechanic before working again. Your body is no different from a machine, sure that your body is its own self-mechanic but it needs sleep for that to work.

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Machines of today do not have cells to improve and expand from its current state (unless self-replicating nanotechnology is invented), your body can do just that. Sleep tells that self-mechanic that its time to work.

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Going on without sleep will make your mind and bodily functions wear out as if they are not well-oiled enough or rusting. Sleep deprivation will put your mind and body into survival/preservation mode, therefore, your body will be forced to stay alive and not grow. A healthy growing body and mind needed sleep, typically for 6-8 hours.

Remove Unnecessary Stress (Don’t Beat Yourself Up).

Stress is both important and dangerous to our development. Some stress is required for success in achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, those kinds of stress are productive to us.

On the other hand, there is stress that is not productive toward development. Non-productive stress acts as distractions and put extra weight/burdens on your shoulders.

Having more burdens than necessary can make your head stuffed with extra tasks and spinning wild which in turn leads to stress. More stress means more difficulty concentrating on tasks, less able to pay attention to details, and more prone to making accidents/mistakes.

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It is important to identify both the productive and non-productive stresses before you remove them, remember that some stress is good, not too little, not too much. Prioritize on what is most and least important, focus on one thing at a time.


Keep Track Of Your Progress.

This is a must for achieving your health and fitness goals. You will benefit a lot from recording your progress.

Benefits include…

  • Identifying what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Breaking big tasks into smaller steps.
  • Focus on positive things and what is important.
  • Reminding you of what you are doing and why.
  • Helps you try new variable things.

Not keeping track of your goals will make want to give up, get caught up with negative-thinking, being bored doing the same things all over, not having fun, and feeling overwhelmed.


Press On And Don’t Give Up

Those should be the basic things you need to know before you pursue your health and fitness goals. Regardless of what condition you are in right now, do not stop. The road is going to be difficult and the results don’t happen overnight. Remember to press on and don’t give up.





2 thoughts on “How To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy

  1. I agree that the 3 main things you need to do each and every day to be healthy is watch what you eat, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

    Of course I think it’s harder said then done, and certain excuses can improve your health in different ways I think.

    What would you say someone wanting to build lean muscle should probably eat and how much?

    1. For someone wanting to build lean muscle, the no-brainer tips would be stop eating certain foods/doing certain things/thinking certain thoughts that halts/slows their progress in doing so.

      While they are exercising, it would be easier said than done to keep pushing past your limits everyday and continue the effort for months if not years.

      How much someone building lean muscle should eat you say? Well, it depends whether if they are underweight or overweight which will determine if they should eat more or less frequently.

      They will need to eat a lot of carbs (not too much and preferably complex carbs) for muscle building. Yes our body needs protein to repair damage but people dwell in the myth that we to eat lot of protein to build muscle. Fat is important for your body to absorb nutrients and promote muscle growth, saturated fats is preferable, trans fat is a big no-no.

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